Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are a broad range of diverse technologies which, when applied to our current transportation systems, can improve safety, reduce congestion, enhance mobility, minimize environmental impacts, save energy and promote economic productivity.

The ITS stakeholder groups are typically identified as transportation agencies, transportation system users, ITS technology service providers and other agency practitioners whose missions involve or are affected by the transportation system. We provide a forum for broad representation and active participation between private companies, government agencies, academic institutions, other associations and members of the public.

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The Intelligent Transportation Society of the Carolinas (ITS Carolinas) is a Chapter of ITS America that encompasses both North and South Carolina. We operate exclusively as a non-profit organization focused toward the integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems in transportation operations as a cost effective solution to increase the safety and mobility of our transportation network.

Transportation operations encompass people, technology, systems and processes required to manage traffic, work zones and incidents on our transportation network. ITS technologies include information processing, communications, control and electronics. The challenges lie in the diversity of the technology, which is highly interdisciplinary, ranging from physics to psychology.

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