Who We Are


The vision of ITS Carolinas is to support safe, reliable transportation systems through the integration of ITS in transportation operations throughout the Carolinas.



The mission of ITS Carolinas is to create a collaborative environment that leverages public, private and academic stakeholders to influence policy as it applies to the integration of intelligent transportation systems for transportation operations in the Carolinas.

Guiding Principles

  • To become the “go to” organization for all things ITS in the Carolinas
  • To develop a broad constituency in the transportation community
  • To educate policy makers to advocate the benefits of ITS in transportation operations
  • To facilitate idea sharing that encourages regional and national linkages that benefit the Carolinas


  • See the Carolinas recognized as a leader in ITS technology and usage
  • Create a forum for practitioners to interact  and share information across all levels
  • Institutionalize TMS&O in the Carolinas
  • Provide an opportunity for all ITS Carolinas partners to benefit economically


ITS Carolinas 2017 Action Plan and Accomplishments

Institutionalize TSM&O in the Carolinas

  • ITSC developed a survey sent to ITSC members in the public and private sector to set a baseline on DOT and municipalities TSMO Capability Maturity and understanding.
  • Input was less than expected; out of the responses we received:
    • All respondents rated their capability maturity as less than 2
    • Overall, respondents did not know how TSMO was relevant to their organizations
    • Respondents were most interested in learning about the Collaboration, Systems and Technology dimensions

ITSC Lunch and Learns

  • The goal of ITSC Lunch and Learns is to offer resources, communications, collaboration and learning in addition to larger events throughout the year.
  • ITCS hosted a Lunch and Learn in Charlotte, NC June 2017.  Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) shared their pedestrian friendly signal timing practices discussing leading pedestrian intervals and split phasing with pedestrian crossings.  The presentation was also made available via webinar.
  • ITSC will be looking for additional lunch and learn topics and presentation volunteers for 2018.

Collaboration and Outreach

  • Signal Systems User Group Partnership with NCITE
    • NCSITE Signal System User Group joined with ITSC to participate in the Annual Meeting signal system sessions on tools and technology used to improve arterial operations and corridor management by using advanced technologies. Additionally, there will be a session on the infrastructure and technologies needed/available to support the future of high resolution data and connected vehicles for signal systems.
    • ITSC is looking to additional opportunities to partner with NCSITE in 2018.
  • ITS 5C Summit: ITS Carolinas will join ITS FL, ITS GA, Gulf Region ITS, ITS TN.  The meeting will be held in Jacksonville FL October 7-10 at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront.
  • ITSC/NCITE Golf Tournament: ITS Carolinas’ hosted a joint golf tournament with NCSITE on October 16th.  This golf tournament was a fund-raising event to raise money for students interested in studying ITS.  Because of this new joint effort, ITSC has elected to form a scholarship committee that will be responsible for managing the ITSC student scholarship in conjunction with Universities in the Carolinas.

Content Management

  • ITSC worked to make internal and external communications processes more structured, efficient, accessible and appealing by redesigning the ITSC website, leveraging technology to manage member contact and leveraging social media to distribute information.
  • The ITSC communications team has redesigned our website making it modern and attractive providing easy access to anyone wanting to learn more about ITS-C. It promotes ITS-C activities and gives visitors a simple way to get involved.
  • The ITSC communications team implemented a unified contact management system to organize our outreach efforts and better promote ITS-C.
  • The ITSC communications team has developed an integrated process to coordinate information distribution across social media, the website and mailings to ease the burden on content providers and ensure that ITS-C supporters get information in a form best suited to their needs.
  • The ITSC communications team will be looking for member input on how to better distribute information and content.


  • 2016: 43 Member Agencies (9 Public, 34 Private)
  • 2017: 52 Member Agencies (11 Public, 41 Private)

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