Who We Are


The vision of ITS Carolinas is to support safe, reliable transportation systems through the integration of ITS in transportation operations throughout the Carolinas.



The mission of ITS Carolinas is to create a collaborative environment that leverages public, private and academic stakeholders to influence policy as it applies to the integration of intelligent transportation systems for transportation operations in the Carolinas.

Guiding Principles

  • To become the “go to” organization for all things ITS in the Carolinas
  • To develop a broad constituency in the transportation community
  • To educate policy makers to advocate the benefits of ITS in transportation operations
  • To facilitate idea sharing that encourages regional and national linkages that benefit the Carolinas


  • See the Carolinas recognized as a leader in ITS technology and usage
  • Create a forum for practitioners to interact  and share information across all levels
  • Institutionalize TMS&O in the Carolinas
  • Provide an opportunity for all ITS Carolinas partners to benefit economically


2017 Action Plan

TSM&O Capability Maturity

TSM&O Capability Maturity for ITS Carolinas: Based on assessments, determine areas for improvement and how to partner with State DOTs and other public agencies.


During the strategic planning session we determined two main efforts for the Outreach internet/social media and events with the purpose to generate interest in ITS Carolinas, grow our membership and look for partnership opportunities:

Internet/Social Media:

  • Redesign the ITS Carolinas website
  • Create/add social media accounts
  • Repository for presentations, communications
  • Registration (Cvent, Guidebook, Constant Contact)


  • Annual Meeting
  • Outreach in North and South Carolina (2017)
    • Southern District/SCITE Vendor Day (March 26-29):
    • Can ITS Carolinas participate?
    • Focus on South Carolina membership
    • ITS Carolinas vendor day
    • National Rural Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference – NRITS Conference 2016
    • NCSITE/TRB Urban Street Symposium (May 21st)
    • Multi-modal (Freight, Rail, Transit, Docks)
    • ITS America in North Carolina 2019

Lunch N Learns

The purpose of the lunch N learn committee is outreach to municipalities to generate interest in ITS Carolinas, grow our membership and look for partnership opportunities.

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